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2 Peg Ke Baad is a collection of short stories written by Nikita Lalwani. These collections showcase a different concept of living life. This book is not to support drinking but it surely tells us how one feels after getting drunk. The stories talk about the incidents that take place after having 2 pegs. I got this book through Author Paradise in return of an honest review. Let us know more about the book:

Cover- The cover of the book is fanatastic as it has a glass with alcohol in it. The colours used are vibrant and its appealing.


Title- I felt this is the perfect title for a book like this as it suits the theme 2 Peg Ke bAad. This title has a Hindi name which means after consuming 2 shots.

Structure- There are 14 stories in this book. All are different and have one thing in common i.e. they tell about the incidents that take place after those 2 Peg Ke Baad. The author follows an incidental technique with main headings. Some stories are metaphorical while some are incidental. I have some of my personal favourites:

Papier Blank(The Blank Paper)- This story is really heart touching and gives us a glimpse of Indian idealogy and idealogy of French people. It is a take of relationships, struggle, heart breaks,writing and of amnesia that takes a toll. I especially loved the quote by Ernest Hemingway and the small writeup, french attitude.

Drive- In- Sanity – An amazing story that makes you laugh, smile as it has so many fun elements and the perks of being highly drunk.

Kicking the Butt- A life changing story that gives us a reality check of relations. Further, it gives us a clear picture of those people who are double faced and can harm us. We should always be bold and face them without any fear.

Rosita in the BAr- A story of love and devotion of wife for her husband. Rosita is unable to believe that her husband is dead and it takes years to realise this. Here faith is the major concern.

Its Not a Love Story- A powerful tale of after effects of a breakup. This story is unusual as it doesnt have a new lover instead it has an inspector who comes out to be the solace of Manas.

Epilogue- This is a story with a prime focus on social issues and it throws light on the Hijra community whoare known as eunuchs. This is a heart warming tale of Laxmi who has surrendered herself to LOrd Krishna. We get a new insight about them and we should respect them. It touched my soul.

LOws- The copy I got had 17 pages missing but that can’t be simply ignored. There were some repetitions in the stories and minor editing errors which could have been avoided.

Best STory- Epilogue surpasses the norms of society and has an enthralling story line which fills new vibes and new thoughts about these Hijras. Laxmi is the mouthpiece of the author. SHe has beautifully woven the tale and deserves claps. This story makes me overlook all the flaws the other things have.


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