Slam Books in Convent

The title has surely grabbed your attention and has transported you guys in your childhood or teen times. Isnt it? If not then I have loads of things to share about these Slam Books. Usually slam books are bought so that we can take an autograph of some special people like stars, friends and the ones whom we consider important in our life. It is not easy to take stars’ autograph, though some people manage it. But Slam Books in Convent has always been a tradition. When I was studying there I noticed my fellow mates used to have a book known as ‘Slam Book’ where they used to take information about their friends. I was always fascinated by this Slam Book thing.


I bought my first Slam Book when I was in Grade 5. I went to the market with my grandfather and searched almost 40 slam books and then bought 1. I wanted my Slam Book to be the most beautiful. After buying that I called my friend who was equally excited. And yes, she was the first one to fill that Slam Book page. Coming to stars, for Conventees our stars were our teachers and our dear friends.

When we were in class I noticed a tall didi who was in 10std came to our class with this book. She wanted Maam’s autograph. Maam asked her to leave her book and after that she started filling it. I was so enthralled by this site that I quickly went to my teacher and asked her to fill mine. She declined it which made me sad but then she explained me why she was signing her book and not mine. She softly smiled and explained,

“this slam book is just like a memory book where we store memories not information and for us, its the good luck that we wish to our students when they leave this institution.”

She added when when I would leave then she would also sign it. I understood her point and patiently waited for the day. I kept my Slam book preserved just to get those beautiful words in 10 th std.

But I bought one more slam book which was filled by my friends. And the first one was my best friend who filled the first page of that book actually all the slam books that I bought till now..:p The same happened in my case, I used to fill the first. This meant we both were important for each other. I always loved those special messages and good wishes that my friends wrote for me. The best part was that they used to write with glitter pens and make my slam book artistic.


Finally the day had come. I was in 10th std. I remembered her words and went to her class to get her autograph to which she smiled. She wrote a beautiful message on that slam book :

“Winners never quit and quitters never win. May you get what you want in your life. Good luck for future”

Many teachers wrote on my slam book. Some of them wished me good luck while some of them dropped amazing snippets. One of them wrote what she always told us :

“STeal the moments”

This small message of her is still there with me. I always keep that in my heart and follow it..


And now, when I am writing this writeup all those moments are coming like a train because I am missing them and I want to dedicate this post to all those Josephites who ever autographed their friends and teachers. For us, our teachers are our stars who shaped us and what we are today is just because of them. Thankyou for being Angels in our lives!


Proud to be a Josephite!

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