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Hello everyone! I am starting this tagged diaries as I have kept this category for some different set of people whom I want to give some tag so that whenever I look down the memory lane those tags come in my mind. The first person whom I want to tag here is Aman.



Amazing Photographer( Amandeep Singh Chabhal)



Amandeep, popularly known as selfie addict and an amazing photographer is my dear friend who knows the knack of clicking pictures from different angles. I met him three years ago at my class, so he happens to be my classmate. The aura of meeting a different person could be seen. So, I call him selfie addict  as well because this guy is fond of cell phones and the way he click pictures be it of others or himself is impeccable. And to add more his super sexy cool cell phone which everyone wants to have helps him to capture amazing photographs. He even has an amazing professional camera and is a vivacious Photographer. I am amazed by his talent.


Stylo ..:P


Gurudwara Pic

Amandeep hails from a town named Chabhal which is near Amritsar. Beside being an amazing photographer he is a fantastic human being and a friend of friends. He can go to any extend to help you and this quality makes him special. He will never leave you at your worst times and would do anything to make you smile after you have cried.



freshers reloaded


Aman’s religious attitude can impress most of the people. The way he handles the issues related to Gurudwara collection is highly appreciable. He is a jolly person and has a heart of gold. I am glad to have him as my friend. Furthermore, the way he says ‘BATMEEJ’ in a different style can make anyone laugh. Not to forget his, announcement speech ‘ BAHUT KHOOBSURAT ITEM  PESH KARAN JA RAHE HAI SADE FANKAR AMANDEEP SINGH..’


reading pose


pagalon vali selfie


This is Surbhi signing off… will be back with more tagged people and stories behind them 🙂


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