Inspirational Diaries: She is simply awesome

I am extremely sorry for the delay as I was really busy but I am back to my Inspirational Diaries. Today I will talk about a simply awesome person who is so good at everything and is the melody of my life.

Yamini Kukreja aka YAmi


You look Stunning..<3

Yami is an ambivert who is a bibliophile and I am in love with her bibliophilism. I got connected with her through notes. We used to interact each other because of notes. I was mesmerised by her thoughts and the way she used to converse in English made me spell bound. The very second day she impressed me with her critical appreciation of a poem. SHe had done a lot of research and work on that. I really wanted to know more about her. After an year, we got the chance to come close to each other. We shared our thoughts, we faught, we saw movies, hangouts, parties and the way she flaunts her newly learnt Punjabi is simply wow. She has always taught me new things be it about life or about looking at people. SHe has a clear cut funda:


Last day fun!!


If someone treats you good, be with that person and if not, then keep yourself away from that person.


Our never ending birthday parties 😀

I really love the way she smiles and the other reason for loving her is that she readily surrenders herself to me when I have to do her hair styling, remember the makeover session at my place? eh! We have such good memories, be it at my place, be it in the park, be it at hooting and taunting Raj :P. be it at mocking Deep’s funniest acts, be it staying strong for Shiv, be it guiding our friends. You have become an integral part of my life and yesterday’s meeting was the last where we wished good luck to each other in our hearts. I promise to meet you soon. I will cherish all these memories. My parents and dadima will miss you and so do I . Just wish you good luck and stay blessed.


Girls Squad..;)


look what I found 😛


Cute vali photo..;)


This is Surbhi, signing off and will be back with more writeups about gems like her. Stay tuned 🙂

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