Inspirational Diaries- She Made me Live life

This is the next post about a person who inspired me to live life the fullest without any boundations.

Gurdeep Kaur( Foodie)


Meet my Jalandhar Vali ..:)


Well, she is mostly known as Deep who is a typical Punjaban at heart. She was the first person whom I met exactly 3 years ago at the door of English Department. SHe was wearing a suit that had black embroidery in it with hair tied tightly in a pony tail. SHe was waiting for the teacher as the department was locked and it was clear that she was the first person who was waiting. The first impression was that she was a sincere and a punctual girl. ( I know you will laugh your heart out at this remark.) She was scared and even I was double scared since it was the first day of our college.  She said a weak hi to me and then we were lost in admiring the sky. Slowly, the formalities barrier broke out and we soon befriended each other. We were not that attached before but as the years proceeded we became close. SHe actually underwent a series of changes, the start wasn’t that good but gradually she changed herself and realised the worth of classmates, friends. I don’t know what forced me to confront her. We had a good amount of talk about her future and she realised she need to focus on it. If I stepped one step towards her, she stepped two towards me. When I started being with her I realised she was a ‘chota packet double dhamaka.’


photo session exams vala

Deep trust me, I saw some spark in you and as we came close I learnt how talented you were, the way you used to dance, the way you used to take tuitions at home,the way you used to make those cards just made me respect you more and more. I felt I was meeting an independent woman. Then came a phase when we came more close. The phase where the world was against our thoughts and we both were handling our battles, be it money issues, be it those big fights, we overcame all that together. Being with you, I feel so lively and refreshed.


After class MAsti

I learnt alot from you. I always keep on thinking how can someone be so happy with the food. ANd thats why you earned the tag ‘Foodie’. I love your funda about food

“Paisa ho ya na ho, khushi ho ya ghum ho, asli khushi khane se milti hai”


Kissi vali photo ..:P


I will miss those crazy fundas, those stupidest hangouts to Krishna Dhabha, Pizzeria and above all, our all time favourite Icecream cake. I am going to badly miss your all those crazy photo sessions that we had, you made a photoholic and you yourself are food n photo addict. I will miss your pagalon vali Punjabi, totally nonsense talks about Food, Food and Food. Okay, a secret revealed, I will miss your MA- Behan vali gaaliyan too..:p  In all this, how can I forget your fanatastic singing..

“Ho na Ho eh pyaar tere da asar hai ki neend raat nu aave na”


My Book Promotion

I am bad with lyrics so bare with me, but just love with this song. I just love your LUddi too. You are the cutest and most adorable person I have ever met. What enjoyment is, I learnt from you and still I am going to wonder how could anyone be happy with Food. I will pray that you marry a foodie person ..:P


Last day of College ..:(

Randoms :


Fruit Beer love ..:)


The best Eyes Pose..:D

This is Surbhi, your all time kitabon mei doobi saheli, signing off.. will be back with more interesting facts about my friends.

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