Book Review of A Sip of LOve& A Sip of Coffee

I was eagerly waiting for the book and when I got the book I had my exams.. so finally got the chance to review here.. Thanx to Ganga and Vipul for giving me a chance to review the book.. I have read 2 books by Ganga and this is one of my favourite one now..why? Because I have fallen in love with the new concept she had introduced in her book : Involvement of author in the story. Want to know more about it? Lets start then:

Cover-The brown color cover with coffee beans is a perfect combo and suits perfectly with the title of the book.


Title- The title is amazing ‘ A Sip of LOve & A Sip of Coffee’, it makes you feel like having coffee and a keenness to read about love. It drifts your mood and makes you feel comfy.

Plot- The plot is simple yet unique as it talks about a teen love, yes that lovey, dovey one, but not so cheesy one. It is about Avanthika and Gautam who are in school and experience a skip of heart while seeing each other, yes that is love. Avanthika is a one man woman, oops sowie* , one man girl, whereas Gautham can’t stay with one girl. Both have different notions about love and they stick to it. But soon, they both realise that they are not meant to be together. Gautham don’t want to break her heart. What happens next is unexpected but for the betterment of their life. Will they forget each other or stay together forever is the main suspense of the story.


Theme- The theme of LOVE is the key point of the book. The story revolves around Gautham and Avanthika. It is all about those cute times which they spend with each other. This sounds like a cute teenage movie.
The theme of FRIENDSHIP between Srinivas and Avanthika is fantastic. The way Srinivas risk himself in order to help Avanthika is remarkable. Readers would surely wish to have such friends in life.

Diction- Author surpasses the writing technique. The unique concept of writing is enthralling. The way she includes her family and herself in the story, it seems so lively. The interaction with the characters.. I have never had such an out of the world reading. The language is simple and lucid. I could find brevity in it and there was use of simple sentences more than other. It makes the flow of reading easy and makes the reader connected to the chapters. Above all, it is a delight to read this book with a cup of coffee in hand. Not only this, the combination of third person narrative and personal conversation with the authors are the main highlighters of the book. Just, can’t get over it. the name of the chapters were simply awestruck.

Favourite lines- ” A writer ho writes about terrorism is not a terrorist”
“Every dialogue should not sound like you, but as the characters themselves. My characters are living here in the book; they don’t and needn’t reflect me.”

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