Vichchdan, a Punjabi word that is hovering over my mind from a few days. I don’t know why it is bothering me so much. I could have thought of Separation but why this Punjabi word. Basically, this word clearly elucidates my pain of separation. It is a separation that is not seen but can be felt.

Tere nehre hon da savera si,

Mere door hon da vehra si,

Kehnde ne Hanere to baad

Chanan aaunda hai

Par sade ishq vich

Milan di khaat

Te vichchdan da waqt partaunda hai …

“What nonsense are you writing Jia?” Kashvi asked in anger.

“I am writing something which I don’t even know. I don’t know how come I am connected to these Punjabi lines when I don’t even know an inch about Punjabi.”

“How can that be possible that you are writing in a language that you are not acquainted with?”

Suddenly Jia’s mom comes, and she quickly hides her writeup from her. Her mom knows that when Jia is upset, she always hid her writeups. So, she didn’t ask much. She asked them to have food. Once both the girls are gone, she checks her laptop. She then starts reading the writeup. She is stunned to read this. She suddenly stands up and says, “this can’t happen, she can’t write this!”

Jia rushes to her mom’s room. She is flabbergasted to see her mom in such a state. She brings water for her and makes her settle down. Now tell me, “Why you shouted all of sudden?” Jia enquired in a concerned tone.

“Jia first tell me, you wrote all this?”, she showed her the writeup which Jia had written a few minutes ago.

“Yes, mom”

Her mom got perplexed and couldn’t control her tears back. She hugged her daughter so tightly. She kept on murmuring,” You are back! You are back!”

Jia asked, “mom what happened? Who has come back?”

Mom replied,” Your real father, Viren Singh Rathod.”

Jia gasped and couldn’t believe her mother’s words as her father’s name was Vikramjeet Singh Deo.” She left the room as she couldn’t digest this bitter truth.




Author’s Note: Hello lovelies,

As we all are going through the lockdown or the self-isolation phase and I really don’t want to stress you guys by writing on Corona Virus; so I thought of coming up with Vichchdan, a story which I will write in series so that you all read this and feel elated. I will update this on Fridays and Sundays. Please give your feedback so that I can bring new stories for you.

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