Book Review of Adhira by Aditti Gaur

As Francis Bacon says,”Some book are to be TASTED, others are to be SWALLOWED, and some few to be CHEWED and DIGESTED that is, some book are to be READ ONLY IN PARTS, others to be READ, but not curiously and some few to be READ WHOLLY, and with DILIGENCE AND ATTENTION.” Similarly, Aditti Gaur’s Adhira is one such book which can be read thoroughly with diligence and attention as it offers a whole set of emotions that are imbibed in the characters by the author.


Cover- The cover is fascinating and the way the white colour is used with those cute pictorial messages gives us a glimpse of the story. It can be said that it looks really cute with those white snowfall atmosphere.

Title- The title in itself is unique and intriguing. It binds the readers with the story. One can feel connected to the story till the end.

Plot- The plot is constructed in an artistic manner. The story is about Adhira who is an independent woman and struggles to find one reason for her living. In this course she comes across many old and new people which affects her life in a different way.

Characterisation- The author has beautifully portrayed all the characters be it Adhira, Riddhi, Shekhar or the other characters. All play a vital role in the plot construction. There are too many characters in the book but not a second one feels that the characters are not given much importance. The characterisation is well justified.

Style- The book is written in third person narrative with impersonal descriptions. The use of epistolary style with blend of poetic aura adds flavour to the book. The way the lyrics are written and sung in the book are impeccable. Not only this, the quotes in between the chapters were really matching and inspiring. Furthermore, the concepts of wedding, relationships, independence are the main themes which have been amazingly delineated.

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About the Author


An Indian by nationality and a Hindu by religion. Aditti Gaur was born in New Delhi, but her complete upbringing was done in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Years later, she moved to Gurgaon in 2011, post her marriage. She worked for the leading DTH Company for almost 5 to 6 years. She holds a respectable past experience working there, but, she quit that 9 to 6 profile job, because somewhere deep inside her heart she knew that job is not meant for her. When she completely realized this fact she silently surrendered herself to her passion – writing. She started her writing experience through her blog. She used to write her thoughts, views about everything and short stories. A die-heart music lover and almost crazy for her favorite musicians, she also loves reading. She takes a step ahead in pursuing her passion by writing her debut book ‘Adhira…Love: Lost & Found’. By this, she tried to explain the life of a girl. It is a story about a girl and her life journey of struggles, achievements, responsibilities, passion & love of her life. The journey, where, she realized that sometimes… silence is the most powerful scream and indication of something being terribly wrong. A journey, where she loses her love somewhere and then finds it again.

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