Book Review of Vizag Blue

Vizag Blue- A Graphic Novella by Anil CS Rao is a unique book with picaresque representation. This book is far different from other books and has a beautiful images in it. Lets read between the lines:


Cover- The cover of the book is simple and could have been better.But that is the choice of the author. He wanted to make it look simple maybe.

Title- The title is different and somewhere or the other it is related to the story of the novella.

Blurb- Prem drove Kalpana back to the beach house…… The next morning… She was awoken by the bright Sun…without her clothes…. Kalpana… Thank God we found you! Anil and I were searching all night for you… We were about to notify the local authorities shortly…. What happened??? And where are your clothes??? Kalpana maintained her silence… She honestly did not have any answer’s to nurse Usha’s questions in any case….

PLot- The plot is different and readers are excited to know more about it. This is a story of a depressed girl who has stopped speaking and her name is Kalpana. She seems lost in her own life. When she comes across the nursse who takes her to a new place where she hallucinates about a guy or rather that is real which is a mystery.

Characterisation- There are not many characters in the book. Kalpana is the protagonist who is a depressed soul and has stopped speaking. She hallucinates about things and it affects the readers psychologically and till the end it remains a mystery. The nurse seems to be really supporting and she does everything to make Kalpana come out of her grief. She even takes her to the beach and their the girl’s behaviour begins to change.

Style- The language is simple and lucid. Characterisation and narration could have been better. The concept is different though as it highlights a story in form of pictures. We can’t call it a novella. It is right to call it a long story. The book sounds unedited and it requires a lot of hard work.


ABout the Author

Anil CS Rao is an artist-writer based in Eluru in Andhra Pradesh India. His artwork has been exhibited in America, Europe and in India. This is the the first in a series of graphic novels set in India. He has also published fiction, poetry and travelogue.

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