Book Review of Gradients

Gradients by Swatii Chandak is a collection of poems based on various themes and concepts along with pictorial depiction which makes it outstanding. There are various shades of life which can be seen in this book.



The cover of the book has various textures and in between those colours schemes one can notice some figmented figures. Honestly, it gives us a sense of absurdity. This absurd term reminds us of Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot.

The title seems to be perfectly chosen for this book only as it delineates correct sense of emotions. It is a one word for all the shades shown in the poems.

These poems delve, intensively, into almost every emotion. Swatii has intricately engaged her poems with women’s perception and meticulously serves some, amongst others, best nuances of ‘Love,’ Intensities of an ‘Identity,’ the obsession towards a ‘Passion,’ a strong ‘Companion’ all ingredients in a single platter.

The collection of poems exhales varied titles for a poetry lover in a manner of feast & its theme unfolds the bonding of breathing with emotions in life. An enigmatic yet energetic theme.

The poems are divided into four parts namely, Breathing, All in Between, Exhalation, Poetic Saga. These parts are further includes different types of poem which perfectly matches the headings. The best part is, the next title of the poem is related to the previous poem. There is inter relation, connectivity and a beautiful ambiance that one can feel while reading these poems. Furthermore, the headings just look as if we are living our life. We breathe, inhale, exhale and then their are some of the situations that happens in our lives. Its just sound blissful. There is a sense of passion, companionship, confession, energetic themes in it.

There is no such rhyme scheme pattern. Some poems are rythmic while some are in verse form and at times I could feel a sense of drama in it. Some of the poems are shortwhile some are long. The other special part that caught my attention is the sketches and pictorial representation which makes the poems magnanimous. The choice of words makes it look so unqiue.The sense of alacrity could be seen. It takes us to a peaceful mode. I am glad that I picked up this book.

Favourite Quote- “The cheat in emotions, Disrupting lives and actions! Passing through trivially, while growing through the fractions”

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Authorsdock : A Vision

Hello Fellas, I am back with the guest post. Today I would like to introduce Vipul Madhani, CEO of Pustakmandi to share his vision. I am glad to announce that on the eve of his Birthday he is launching a new website named’‘ and it is my pleasure that he has chosen my blog to start with. Thankyou Vipul Sir, it means a lot.

Authorsdock: A Vision


Authorsdock is the dream of Vipul Madhani who is the CEO of Pustakmandi. He always had a soft corner for books and the authors who wrote them. Pustakmandi was the first step of his aim whereas Authorsdock is the second step.

Authorsdock is specially designed by keeping in mind the requirements of the authors, book reviewers, editors, content writers, bloggers etc. This site serves all the purpose that a person wants in his site. The site has various segments that include profile, role of the person, Activity, community, forums etc.

Profile- The first step is to register your account where you have to mention your details and you can add your role like that of a subscriber, editor or an author.

Role of the person- This site has a unique of feature of assigning role of a person. The role is mentioned above at your profile and you work accordingly.

Activity- This involves your activities while exploring the site. You can message someone, update a status, write a write-up and update your picture.

Community- This involves various groups, which you can join and can help you in knowing things and interacting with the people. The community will focus on the topics related to writing and books.

Forums- This aspect gives us the opportunity to create polls where we can do discussions.

Portfolio- The next best feature is that it offers you to make a portfolio of all your works. You can compile all your works and assemble here. It will remain safe.

Further, we can even buy books as it offers a buy books option, which is directly linked to the Pustakmandi official site.  Moreover, the site offers you to be linked with your other accounts like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

Not only this there are some other icons that tells you who are your followers and who are you following. This keeps you updated with the people around you.

If you stuck somewhere and need any help then you can mail us and we will gladly help you. We need your support and appreciation. I am sure we can together make this site a big hit.

Vipul Madhani

(CEO Pustakmandi)

A Perfect Detective Novel

‘Was it a Murder?’ by  Anuj Singhal and Ritika Singhal is a perfect detective novel as this piece has all the traits that a Sherlock Homes novel have. While I was reading this book, I was reminded of a detective short story by Graham Greene that was full of suspense till the end. I can happily say that this book is an interesting read. Lets analyse it critically :

Cover- The cover of the book is white in color and has a woman whose lying on the floor and besides her their is a bottle of poison. This gives us an insight of a murder mystery.


Title- The title ‘Was it a Murder?’ is more than perfect as the whole story revolves around it.

Plot- The plot is constructed artistically. This is a story of a detective, Abhay Savarkar, who solves the mysteries of two murders taken place at his friend, George’s mansion. A series of events take place and a big doubt is built whether it was a suicide or a murder. The twist and turns in the story is the strongest point. The plot is gripping and bind the readers to read it till the end.

Theme- The whole story focuses on the theme of murder which happens in a mysterious way and that leads to another murder. These murders sound natural but have some hidden facts which Abhay Savarkar with the help of Inspector GopiNath and his assistant Yash tries to find out. There are other themes which are minor and are not much of importance.

Characterization- The portrayal of characters is impressive and all the characters are different. The main protagonist is Abhay Savarkar and the whole story revolves around his verdict on these murders. He is a complicated character and not an easy nut to crack. He do everything for a reason and he could sense people’s mind by their behavior. He is a caring friend who went to George’s place and helped him till the end even though George couldn’t trust him for long. He is a true friend indeed. He has a sharp brain and even was a kind master as we see the relationship he had with Yash. Both were ready to help each other.

Whereas Ms. Rose is a mysterious lady who had lots of secrets stored in her heart. Even she is considered as the suspect because the clues are against her. She is a caring sister though yet she is a neglected soul. She had the motive to kill her mother and her brother’s wife yet it wasn’t proved that she was the culprit.

Ms. Laranya was a tough nut to crack. She was a mischievious lady. Even her mother tried hard to support her. She was beautiful and had a lot of attitude. She was indeed a round character in the novel.

Style- This is a detective novel with impersonal description and third person narrative. The sentences had variety in it. Whereas the language was simple, lucid and clear. It had brevity in it. The way authors have described the surroundings or the scenes is impeccable. The authors wrote to the point and were not digressive.

Error- There were no major errors as such just a minor ones and some words were missing. There was one scene which sounded off scene : chapter7; in this scene Abhay is in a hurry to reach Granny’s room and he notices all the surroundings. I personally feel when a person is in a hurry he doesn’t get a nanosecond to check the surroundings. This scene could have been added a bit later. This is my observation but I do respect author’s point of view as I had a word with him. He said he wanted to show the presence of mind of the character.


About the Authors

Anuj Singhal


Anuj is the author of “Was It A MURDER?” which is a detective fiction published by Authors’ Ink Publications. He is also a contributor in the anthology Crush 2 : An incomplete Heartbreak. He is currently pursuing his BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Ambala college of Engineering, Ambala. His interests include creative Writing, poetry and reading novels. Currently, Anuj resides in Ambala Cantt with his parents. Apart from being a student and an author, he loves poetry and won various prizes at school and college level.

official site :


Ritika Singhal:


Ritika is MTech in Computer Science Engineering and is currently working in an MNC in Bangalore. She has been a gold medalist throughout her education. Her interests include technical paper writing, writing stories and Reading books. Currently, Ritika resides in Bangalore with her husband and daughter.