Book Review of Occult Lines Behind LIfe

Occult Lines behind Life is a fantastic book written by M.P. Pandit. This book is a guide book and has so much to enlighten. It belongs to a spiritual category and the way M.P. Pandit explains by stating anecdotes from life is impeccable. I accidently came across this copy in my college library. It was in philosophy section and instantly picked it up and now I can say that it was the best pick up. I recently recommended this book to my classmates and teachers. I hope they like it too.


Cover- The cover of the book is simple and doesn’t appeal much yet the reader is interested in reading it as it has some kind of pull in it.

Title- The title of the book surely is intriguing and the reader is interested to know about the reasons of the things behind life.

Blurb- Many things in life are inexplicable as long as one fails to see behind the surface. This world is a Cosmos, with Order and Laws maintaining that Order. Physical science is acquainted with only the external processes. There is a larger, deeper science of the Occult which gives the key to the understanding of life’s mysteries.

My observation- Since we know this book is a non- fiction hence the author has narrated the basic facts and his ecperiences. Many anecdotes are used in it. He has clearly explained the reasons behined various things like, Why things go wrong when we tell everything to someone?; Why bad things happen to good people?; What is the impact of Yoga?

The use of various concepts like Astrology, Yoga, Enlightenment, Change of Seasons. I especially loved the way he used simple and lucid language to explain the basic facts about life. Somewhere or the other many quests of our life are sorted. If you read this book, you will surely feel lighter and enlightened.

Availability of the book – Unfortunately, this book is not available in India now. It was my luck that I got to read this book. Still I am attaching the International Links as some of the Foreign friends can grab the copies.

About the Author


Sri M. P. Pandit served as the personal secretary to the Mother at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and the Mother became the entire focus of his life. He studied the classical scriptures and living spiritual traditions of India, following in the footsteps of Sri Aurobindo and Sri T.V. Kapaly Sastry. His writing career spanned six decades, publishing over 150 books and many articles on subjects as diverse as philosophy, spirituality, social and political thought, science, religion, mysticism and the classical texts themselves. At the same time he became a commentator on the teachings whose powerful insights went right to depths and essence of the meaning.

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