Friendship Diaries: Happy to you Alps!

As we all know Friendships Day is coming, so I was planning something for my special friends for whom I haven’t written and this day is the best to start with her as its her birthday today. Yeah you got it right Abla NAri 😉 its you : Alpa

ALPA( Alps, Alpu)


Look What I found 😛

I can’t say when I met you, may be the day I was born you were there too. I can’t even express as while writing about you, I always get emotional and those memories of separation come to my mind. Today is your birthday and  I am dedicating this post to you. The other surprise is that, I have some of our pictures and yes, they are really old but they say, OLD iS GolD. For me, you are a gem and I love you like anything. I still remember that CRocodile game, that Tippi Tippi Tap, that Stepu, that Hide n Seek, that Cricket. The way we used to hit Sahil, Nandu. Ghosh, we had the best childhood memories.


HUm KItne Pagal the 😛

I feel all those moments are coming in my mind just like a flashback. Remember our jealoused times! When you used to spend time with Palak and I used to get so much angry at you. And when I used to spend time with Sal, you used to get angry. Those mad vali fights and then again it was you, who used to come to my place with those SOrry CArds stating those crazy lines :

“Dibbe Mei Dibba Dibbe Mei Cake,

Meri Saheli Lakhon mei Ek.”


This was your Last day in India..:(

Well, there is no doubt, Your Saheli is still Lakhon mei Ek..:P

And then the time came when you had to leave me. When I came to know about it, I was super angry at you. I gave you a very tough time. I used to avoid you in your last days and you were yearning for me. I used to refuse your gifts and you used to say, I am helpless. We both were helpless. Maybe life had something for us. You went and I was left alone. But did that affect our friendship? No, Never! Even after 22 years, we are still best friends and this bond is till eternity. I still want to meet you badly and I ll pray that this happen soon. When I cross by your house and I always wish that one day you will come out of that house and call me,

” Surbhi, come to my house,we are playing here today!”


TRansformation Time..:)

I badly want those days back. I wish to go back to those innocent days and we just unite again.I miss your hug, your stupid crazy Maggie, your all time nonsense blabbers. I am jealoused of your memory okay, you remember more than me..LOl


Look at this breathtaking beautiful girl..wooo!!

Now when I look at your fb pictures, Ghosh you have gone so preety and hot( la la la), you are no longer that Jhalli Alpa. You have come out to be an independent and bold woman. I am proud of who you are and will always be. You never stop to surprise me with your amazing aura. You are special and will always be. I love you so much and my Jaan- e Bahar, you can’t even imagine how much. Remember the promise? I will find a Prince Charming for you;)

Happy BIrthday to you Jaane- E-Bahar! Stay blessed and come to India soon!

This is your Jhalli Subbi, signing off!Will be back with more such stories..:)



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