Book Review of Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning by R. K. Mohapatra is a book that gives us a new meaning to our retirement and helps her to keep our cards safe in all the situations. I got this book from goodreads giveaway in return of an honest review.


Blurb- The book, “Retirement Planning- A Simple Guide For Individuals” is meant to enlighten readers especially the middle class on how to invest, instruments in which to invest, and where to get started.

This book enables you take meaningful decision for your future retirement, whether you are at thirty or fifty. This book guides you to develop an attitude and aptitude for investment of your retirement and other financial goals. This book also enables you to grab the best opportunities in this volatile market rather than just investing in the conventional instruments. It also assists you on focusing goals one by one by utilizing the best possible alternative investment avenues in the market.

Review- Honestly speaking, this book is a proper guideline for a layman who is doesn’t know where to invest and what to do after he gets retired. The author has highlighted all the points step by step. The way these forwards are written, it gives a picture of a better book. The author has laid down certain investment plans which are simple and easy to implement. The pros and cons of the plans have been beautifully explained by stating certain facts and figures.

This is not a novel but a self help or rather say a non fiction that is written in a factual way. It has no personal or impersonal descriptions. Certain examples are shown from real life only,hence it is not a fiction book.

Not only this, the main plus point of this book is, one can never get bored as the author involves the readers as if he is talking face to face to explain them the points. The cover of the book is not the main concern henceforth, it is kept white and simple. The title is perfect for its purpose.

The caption on the cover takes away the hearts of the readers

“Retirement is not an age; it is a monetary amount; you have thought about for rest of your life.”

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Book Review of Bharathi and her theory for Everything

Bharathi and her theory for Everything by Anil C.S. Rao is science fiction. This book is the struggle between past and future which has so many elements to look upon. Lets analyse them :


Cover- The cover of the book is simple and the author hasn’t paid much attention as he was more in writing the content of the book.

Title- This is long title and intriguing. it gives us that thirst which quenched after reading the story.

Blurb- To Bharathi, this was utterly horrific. If it were indeed the case then she was conceived the same way she saw Aryaraj molest older inmates in the encampment. As a result of this mischievous Roopa s revelation, Bharathi fell into a depression for (she had counted) forty days and forty nights. In her dreams she recalled a very ancient story Roopa had shared to her a year prior: about a Noah who bought two of every living thing on his arc when The World had been flooded in God s anger at human being s conduct on Earth. What would God think of now with the semi-robotic people that now inhabited Aryraraj s World? And worse: who was this God? Aryaraj often professed that he was eligible for this status or title.

About the book- The story is based on a girl named, Bharathi and her travels from past to future in 2070.She drifts away into her world and story moves as per her will and along with Bharati Arun Rao’s life is also narrated. Arun is a writer who is married to Reena, works at Harbour General Hospital and gets kidnapped. As story continues we discover who kidnapped Reena and other quests are also answered.

Style- The writing is simple and cinfusing at the times. There are some syntactical errors in the work. It is an easy read as the pages are not so long. The author confuse the readers in some pages and at times the reader takes a lot of time to come in contact with the story. I felt some of the parts were digressing.


This book has done full justice to the tech lovers.

The concept is unique.


Confuse the readers.


Turn off for literature lovers


About the Author

Anil CS Rao is a writer based in Ellicott City, Maryland (USA).