Guest Post: Birth of Scribbled Feels

Hello lovelies,

It is been a while since I have posted any guest post. So, sorry was stuck up. Today I would like to introduce BHarat who is the founder of Scribbled Feels.Lets see, what he has to share to with you guys ..:)

Scribbled Feels – Writers and Readers!!


Writers and Readers have always been connected & we understand it at the best. The team of Writer’s Collaboration takes another step in strengthening this bond “Scribbled Feels”. It is a completely new initiative for both readers and writers in us. We believe every expression has a story and every story is worth expressing. Share your thoughts, Read ours. Because it all starts with some random thoughts.

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Guest Post by Manveen Kaur

Hey lovelies.. Today I am here to introduce you guys with a dear friend of mine, Manveen Kaur..I hope you will like her poetry..


Let’s barter some things today,
Let the things be replaced by feelings, emotions maybe life,
I am not afraid, not worried,
For a “man helps man” has given me a destined courage,
I allow you to overflow my intactness,
I invite you to barter your life with mine.
Let all my smiles puffing in my cheeks,
and all the glitters i earned by awestruck amazements
be your definition.

your tired, dark-circled dream-carriers,
your subdued mind in the bones and skin container
be my new designation.

About the Guest


Manveen Kaur hails from Ludhiana. She is studying Creative Writing from Langara College, Vancouver. She is also the host of radio show :Vancouver Co-0p radio CFRO. She is an avid reader and a prolific writer. She loves to pen down her thoughts and with her poetic aura mesmerise the minds of her readers. She can be contacted at :


Authorsdock : A Vision

Hello Fellas, I am back with the guest post. Today I would like to introduce Vipul Madhani, CEO of Pustakmandi to share his vision. I am glad to announce that on the eve of his Birthday he is launching a new website named’‘ and it is my pleasure that he has chosen my blog to start with. Thankyou Vipul Sir, it means a lot.

Authorsdock: A Vision


Authorsdock is the dream of Vipul Madhani who is the CEO of Pustakmandi. He always had a soft corner for books and the authors who wrote them. Pustakmandi was the first step of his aim whereas Authorsdock is the second step.

Authorsdock is specially designed by keeping in mind the requirements of the authors, book reviewers, editors, content writers, bloggers etc. This site serves all the purpose that a person wants in his site. The site has various segments that include profile, role of the person, Activity, community, forums etc.

Profile- The first step is to register your account where you have to mention your details and you can add your role like that of a subscriber, editor or an author.

Role of the person- This site has a unique of feature of assigning role of a person. The role is mentioned above at your profile and you work accordingly.

Activity- This involves your activities while exploring the site. You can message someone, update a status, write a write-up and update your picture.

Community- This involves various groups, which you can join and can help you in knowing things and interacting with the people. The community will focus on the topics related to writing and books.

Forums- This aspect gives us the opportunity to create polls where we can do discussions.

Portfolio- The next best feature is that it offers you to make a portfolio of all your works. You can compile all your works and assemble here. It will remain safe.

Further, we can even buy books as it offers a buy books option, which is directly linked to the Pustakmandi official site.  Moreover, the site offers you to be linked with your other accounts like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

Not only this there are some other icons that tells you who are your followers and who are you following. This keeps you updated with the people around you.

If you stuck somewhere and need any help then you can mail us and we will gladly help you. We need your support and appreciation. I am sure we can together make this site a big hit.

Vipul Madhani

(CEO Pustakmandi)

Guest POst by Maisha

Hello Fellow readers! Its been a while since I have posted guest post so here I would like to talk about the youngest guest whose work speak more than her. Lets read together what she has to say :

Fall in Love…with your heart!

“It wasn’t long ago when he decided to give up on me, he didn’t have enough words to justify his deeds neither do I think that he wanted to, but he simply preferred to walk out of my life, just as quick as the snap of my fingers.”

 What I do not understand is, why have people stopped confronting their own deeds. They prefer walking in and out of your life as if you’re a doormat at their service, as if they never thought of you to be anything more than a lifeless entity which will never question them no matter what you may do and so is why they think that walking out is okay, and walking out without an explanation is perfectly alright as it will not matter much to you.

For what they aren’t aware of is the fact that you aren’t them. It might not matter to them, but it does matter to you as you witness sleepless nights, late mornings and a non existent lifestyle for months to go from there. What they do not know is the fact that there are things you keep on asking your soul, lost in those unanswerable questions for it’s only them who could answer them. Questions which land up being a question mark on your personality.

“Was it you who could not make them stay? Was it all your fault? Did you do something which made them walk away? Or was it that they find someone to be better than you could ever be?”
Such questions gift you these nights where a million thoughts cross your mind where you think you’re unworthy of anyone, or anything which surrounds you, but what you should know is the fact that nobody has the right to make you feel unworthy.

A betrayal shouldn’t make you question your existence, for the someone who left doesn’t define you. Your soul, your heart and your personality does so. A person can never be in control of another, and one should not hold out their control to someone for you may never know when they might think that it’s unnecessary for you to be there with them and they walk away with your control, do not let that happen for it’s then when you have no clue why things change in you, your stay a lot less happier and chirpy. Nobody seems to set things straight for you as you made that one mistake to give up on your control over yourself, smile through the waves of betrayal for what’ll reach the shore later will be a stronger version of you who’ll know how to set sail in the storms and fall in love with the hurricane which might visit you soon after.

A simple thing which has to be looked over is the fact that you must rule your own heart, you must fall for yourself in order to love another and you must know how it is to walk away for you may not walk over someone, specially without an explanation. Hurting someone does not lend in peace, it only devastates the remains of the peace you thing exists in you.

About the GUest


Manvi Singh is a 17 years old, passionate soul who’s one and only dream is to make this society a better place to live in. Being a wordsmith, she believes that her words will definitely change the mindset of the people someday.
Apart from being a creator of a dreamworld, she’s also an avid reader, from Sudeep Nagarkar, Novoneel Chakraborty, Sachin Garg to Paulo Coelho, Roald Dahl, and Jhumpa Lahiri everything resides in her and her bookshelf.
She loves to dance, paint colors in her life and also, in between all these things she often tries her hands in culinary arts.
She visualises that she owns the spark of achieving the impossible and she believes that someday, she definitely will. She has penned herself with the name ‘Maisha’ on her blog Maisha “A Voice Within” and many other such platforms.

Guest POst by Ruchi Rai

Hello readers, Today we have a dazzling person with us, Ruchi Rai who is a very dear friend to me. Our journey of writing started together only and when I asked her to write a guest post, she willingly gave me her entry which is a short story. Thanx a tonne Ruchi baby, AMito Bhake Bhalo BHashi..:)

Title: Faded Love

She drank, one peg after another, wondering about the meaning of absurd life. And by the last peg, she had decided what she had to do–give up.
And what other option was she left with? Enough was already enough. It was time for some action or I must say reaction.

She struggled to move, her mascara smudged and kohl streaming down with tears. With her favourite whiskey, she had so many a times tasted the saltiness of her tears. Rubbing her pink nose to cease the irritation due to over crying, she gripped the bottle of the neck and pulled it close. It was one-fifth full, she gulped down the neat whiskey that went down her windpipe burning it; but the burning sensation abated as the whiskey dripped down inside her. It made way through the middle of her lungs, inside her chest where breathes the demon of pain making it hard for her to live. The demon was anaesthetized for few moments by the whiskey. This was the moment that she garnered the courage and got up. She faltered, crawled and reached for the phone. Blinking back tears, she dialled the numbers like she was accustomed to it. She could not even think straight; but she dialled the number easily and made a the decision or may be she always knew what she needed to do and alchohol brought down the barricades of soberness.

Phone rang.
There was no answer.

Tonight she was determined, so, she called again.

“Hello” said he softly.

She gasped for breath and silenced her cries by pressing palm on mouth.

A deep breath.


“See, I’m in office. Cant talk right now. Please understand. Bye! Don’t call me again. Take care”

“Beep beep beep”

He disconnected the call, once again.

Living in the same home, it seemed as if she was in a relationship with voidness, married to the beautiful chandelier, imported furniture, the best paintings of the world, the bungalow that worth crores, the sedans and all other luxuries in life. But, there was no him, and sadly, this is the only thing she wanted. She was tired of being in relationship alone, putting all the efforts to save it when he was already gone.

Once again, she cried out loud with no one to hear her painful howls. She walked down the memory lane of their togetherness, courtship, marriage and swift drift.

She wrapped her arms around herself like hugging own self and rested on the floor near the phone.  she said to herself like always, “I will end it tomorrow” and slowly the tears dried up making way for some sleep.

About the Guest


I believe that there is a depth and beauty in everything and every person and I strive to give words to these. As much as I love to watch infinite stretch of flickering lights from cliff, I love watching sea waves hitting the shore. There’s not a particular type or particular genre I write about, I am a free spirit and exercise the same freedom while writing. An amateur writer at heart, poetry is just a way to articulate my feelings. I have worked as an editor for the anthology- ‘The Turning Point Of Life’ and a novel- ‘Love life & Marriage… In a metro’. As an author, I have contributed short stories in anthologies-‘Strings Of Love’, ‘The Turning Point Of Life’, ‘Love A Sweet Poison’, ‘The Unbreakable You’, and, ‘Dream Castle’. My articles have been published in few websites- Campus Diaries, Caleidoscpoe, Inside Stories, etc. I have have also been published in an international journal- ‘Langlit’ in February’2016. Apart from these, I am working as a freelance content writer in Guwahati, Assam.

Instagram- ruuchiiii
Twitter- @RaiRuchi67

Guest Post by Divyam Kaushik

Hello lovely readers, Today we have Divyam KAushik as our guest who will enlighten us about the Gender Inequality that has become so common these days. Thankyou so much Divyam for throwing light on this sensitive issue and I respect your thoughts.

Gender Inequality in India

 I find most men, very hypocritical when they talk about women. I think that is an issue. It all stems from the fact that they think women are some other kind of beings. Many men around us believe that women are unnecessarily pampered.

They say that we keep screaming about, “Oh, it’s a man’s world, it’s a man’s world”, but the men are opening doors, men are pulling chairs, men are being made to give up their seats to women, so how is it a man’s world?

But, we need to realize that how every step of the way a woman is violated. Her rights, her dignity is violated, over and over, again, at the hands of men. It needs to dawn upon us, as to why women across the globe have been screaming doing a way with Gender Inequality.

Gender Inequality is very big problem in our country. Even though women have their quotas, they have everything in place, but still by the end of the day it’s the mentality that matters.

A household maid asked a celebrity if she wakes up and makes breakfast for her husband, because she might have thought that’s how the things might work.

She said, “No, I don’t.”

And the maid turned around and said, “You know, you’ve never been given a beating by your husband, that’s the problem.”

And when she said that, I realized that, very unfortunately, when her son marries and brings a woman home, she is going to be the one who is going to instigate her son to beat his wife. So, it’s going to be the mother who is going to be responsible for the other woman to be ill-treated at the hands of a man.

Generations now, a lot of gender inequality has gone unseen.

Even in my household, not just in mine, in almost every other household, our mothers cook and our fathers either don’t cook that often or don’t cook at all. And we see asking them for tea, lunch, dinner from our mothers. I say that instead of expecting tea from them, why can’t we go and surprise them with a tea. It is purely a matter of sensitivity. If you treat women as equal, you’ll get up and make a cup of tea for them, instead of expecting them to bring a cup of tea for you.

If the world actually gets flipped and I was a woman, I think I would get paranoid because I am constantly checked out, constantly layered at. I think it would start driving me completely crazy.

The safety issue of  women, you know the amount of rapes we have or at least the ones which are reported, now it’s been coming more and more in the limelight by becoming way more conscious of gender inequality there is.

We have less priority for women education, and not only that, we also have less women in the working and professional environment. I know that this is not an ideal world. Here I am talking about the female sex, who are at a slight disadvantage in times and a lot of it is manufactured by men.

You know gender inequality in our lives exists in such a way that we don’t even realize that it’s happening. Sometimes I find women also take so much for granted, like, “Oh, we are women, so we are not even going to get that.” They don’t even question it.

I can give a 100% guarantee that, yes, this kind of judgment and bias exists in our society and that many, many, many, many men out there will disagree with me on this, because they will say, “No, nothing of such kind takes place around us.” And there are a lot of deep-rooted misconceptions they have that just because they are in a city, in a cosmopolitan setup, such things don’t take place as much as they do in the rural parts of the country.

In our country people have issues in taking order from women. Big issues. And that is why women in powerful positions have to become more assertive than they ever have because otherwise nobody does anything, because women are achieving things, women are doing things with their lives, that women are successful, so much more successful that I find people feeling threatened. Men feel threatened.

Such men exist in our would that there is a sense of superiority and arrogance, especially in the corporate world, because for them it’s new that women are part of the corporate world, in our country. When there’s a woman who is presentable, well educated, independent, either she is considered to be like a slob or a bitch to get her job done, or she’s supposed to be…you know we have labels for women. You can be assertive without being aggressive also, but that labeling exists in such a deep seated way, almost as if a career woman is a bad thing.

I read and see men making all these casual jokes and remarks made about the periods all the time. I talked to my girlfriend about this and she said, “It’s really exhausting because it is a time and a cycle where you are going through a lot of physical exhaustion. It’s very difficult for men to understand, so I think if men have their period that would be nice. And second, wearing high heels and tight clothes and see what that feels like and have women staring at you and your crotch all day long.”

You know what’s the biggest problem in India today?


So, STOP HARASSING WOMEN. Give them equal opportunities to lead.



No one understands subtlety. So tell them at their faces.



END GENDER PREJUDICE against all girls and all women, everywhere.

GENDER EQUALITY is GOAL 5, of United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

You know how we can change this situation?




About the Guest


Divyam Kaushik is a Graphic Designer who is also the co- owner of Scribblers. He has written a novel named ‘Love Me Like You Do’ which is really appreciated. He has also contributed his stories in some of the anthologies and ‘Turning Point of Life’ and ‘Strings of Love’are one of them.

P.S. Also read my book review of ‘Love ME Like You Do’

Guest Post by Inderjit Kaur

Hey fellas, I am going to introduce Inderjit Kaur today, the author of Kaleidoscope Colours of Life. I would like to thank you for taking out time and saying your heart out.


Write about anything that you have never tried. Say Fashion or some Light mood lifting topic.

Hi Surbhi, I don’t think I will be able to say much about this, to be fair enough for me now my life is dedicated to my children, and my readers.

But yes I would like to share I do love music and that keeps me motivating on and on as if  healing me! I do read and write a lot and feel awesome when I read my readers drawing inspirations from A living series.And as far as Fashion is related I am very simple person just wish abundance of life to everyone. Writer, blogger, Book reviewer, Mom, and adventurer on life’s creative high and lows with a graceful smile. Self-confessed book-junkie, music lover and peruser of bookstores.

I spend time with my kids and we make sure we eat together at least one time of the day together due to my elder Son who keeps himself  occupied with his work.I try to write weekends, with blogging, social media etc. on top of that, I’m very much disciplined to follow my morning walks and love for music would be another point that keeps me going.

Apart from cooking and other house chores my day is filled with my younger Son Arjun’s queries who is a grade 6th student, his studies and school projects are the one that keep me busy too and Indeed I do enjoy his talks as well which are mostly on new ideas innovations and research.

And he is an avid reader as well like me!

ABout the Guest :


Inderjit Kaur is an author, motivator with a powerful voice of spreading positive words through her writings. A highly influential blogger and inspirational guide who with her tag line ‘Keep smiling, keep shining’, has brewed up with the original concept of living through her books of A living series.