Book Review of All Yours, Stranger

All Yours, Stranger by Novoneel Chakraborty is the second book in the Stranger Trilogy. This book has more twists and turns that bring us one step closer to the stranger. The readers are totally glued to this book as every incident is inter related. It focus on relationships, about a person named Hiya Chaudhary and her existence.


The cover and the title is again intriguing just like the previous one. We notice a girl who is in the middle of the jungle. Probably the cover justifies Rivannah’s dream or rather say hallucination where she feel the presence of the stranger. The title is perfect as the protagonist can feel herself close to the stanger. The subtitle is really catchy.


All Yours, Stranger’ is the 2nd part of the Stranger trilogy series, by Novoneel Chakraborty. The plot spins around Rivanah Bannerjee, who is from Kolkata, trying to get a grip on the typical Mumbai life. She has a wonderful boyfriend, yet is obsessed with thinking about her ex-boyfriend. Although he cheated on her, she is ready to overlook that fact. The Stranger is nowhere to be found ever since the police started to hunt for him, though it has been an unsuccessful attempt.

The questions that Rivanah wants an answer for, in this mystery allegory are; Who really is this stranger? What is his purpose of coming into Rivanah’s life? Will he ever be able to contact her again?

These types of questions have been troubling Rivanah continuously. Indifferent about the mystery surrounding this guy, she frantically wants the stranger back into her life.

As the story further unfolds, the true facts that come to light are far from what Rivanah could ever imagine. The story has a vicious and cruel plot with many mysteries unfolding themselves, as the reader divulges further into this tale. This gripping plot has the knack to make the reader bite his or her nails till the very last leaf of the book.

The plot is more dark and complex as compared to the previous part. The previous book left the clue of Hiya Chaudhary and here, Rivannah tries to uncover the mystery behind Hiya Chaudhary who happened to be her batchmate and had hung herself to death. It was believed that she also got such messages. So, a fear of being murdered by the stranger arises in the mind of Rivannah. To add more she struggling with her heart and mind. She is unable to forget her ex boyfriend, Ekansh who cheated on her and her present boyfriend, Danny. She loves them both but life takes a turn when Ekansh again makes an appearance in her life and this time as her rommie’s fiance.

The story moves between Kolkata and Mumbai as Rivannah keeps on coming back to Kolkata to know more about her past, Hiya Choudhary. She tries really hard to find the clues. She even quits her job when the Stranger ask her to do so. She doubts on Hiya’s brother but later she comes to know that he was not even part of it. He was just being used.

The characters seems more developed in this book. Rivannah is struggling and the stranger helps her find out whom she loves but that still remains uncovered till we reach the next book. Further, Danny and Ekansh’s roles keep on shifting in her life. This book has many characters along with the previous ones and together they make an amazing tuning.

The style of writing is simple, clear and lucid. Some of the sentences are just so beautiful that you end up noting down in your diary. The descriptions are fantastic and they just make you more glued to the book. Novoneel has a unique style of writing as he ends up playing with the minds of the readers through his play of words. Once can picturise the whole book while reading it and its an easy read.

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About the Author


Novoneel Chakraborty is an Indian author of fiction. His specialty lies in romantic thrillers that he writes along with philosophy mixed with it. His first book “A Thing beyond forever” released in 2008 and won the national bestseller tag in just a few months of its release.

He followed it up with “That kiss in the rain” and then wrote the book that won him the biggest applause, “How about a sin tonight?” He went on to write commercial bestsellers like “Ex” and then “The Stranger Trilogy”. The first two books of the trilogy- “Marry Me, Stranger” and “All Yours, Stranger” have won many hearts. His recent release is “Forget Me Not, Stranger”, the final installment of the trilogy. His next book,“Black Suits You,” a psycho-sexual thriller is scheduled to release on 15th November, 2016. Apart from writing books, he is a scriptwriter for television.

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Book Review of Marry Me, Stranger:

Book Review of Marry Me, Stranger

Marry Me, Stranger by Novoneel Chakraborty is the first book in the Stranger Trilogy. This book gave birth to a character named ‘Stranger’ who is the core of this novel and the way he gets connected to the protagonist is the rest of the story. This novel has thrill, high voltage drama, romance, betrayal, suspense,mystery.



The Cover and the Title surely grab the attention of the readers. The earlier cover shows a girl who has covered her face and her eyes have fear in them. This gives us a spooky picture but that is not horror. The title is surely eye catching. The hunger hunt of the reader ends only when he grabs the book and finishes it in one go.

The Blurb is intriguing. I’m Rivanah Bannerjee, a young and independent girl living alone in Mumbai. My parents love me, my boyfriend adores me and I have a great job. But heres the thing-my life is in danger. Someones been following me around, watching my every move, trying to get control over my life. At first I thought it was a silly prank to gain my attention. My roomie suggested he must be a secret admirer. Is he? What he doesnt know is the police have set a trap to nab him. Soon I’ll know if its simply a lovers obsession or there is more to it. BTW, I call him stranger.

From the bestselling author of EX, how about a sin tonight? That kiss in the rain and A thing beyond forever comes a racy tale gravid with emotional twists, relationship quirks and mind-numbing revelations.

The Plot is engaging and binds the readers till the end. The story is of an independent Bong girl, Rivanah Bannerjee who lives alone in Mumbai. She has a perfect life comprising of her loving parents and caring boyfriend. But life takes a turn when someone enters her life without her knowing and started taking interest in her life. That person is named as STRANGER by Rivannah.

The book focusses on Love, Betrayal, Relationships and elements ofa perfect suspense thriller that often plays with the minds of the readers. The Characters are beautifully portrayed. Rivannah Bannerjee, an independent Bong who comes to Mumbai to do a job. She has a perfect fairy tale life and little did she know about the person whose following her like a nightmare. At times, he is a saviour, at times, he is dangerous and she is unable to figure out what he actually wants. This is totally getting on her nerves but this Stranger helps her as well as threatens her which is totally rhetorical. She has an amazing flatmate who soon turns out to be her confidante while the latter refuses to mix up much.

We are introduced to Stranger through his acts and the way the author describes. Even the readers are confused whether its some prank or reality. He helps Rivannah, makes her independent and makes her life good by making her do amazing things which she doesnt want to do. But when she wants to know his indentity he threatens her. Still, they share some special bond which is yet to be uncovered. We are just told that the stranger has an amazing voice and it brings chills to Rivannah’s spines.

The style of writing is simple, clear and lucid. Some of the sentences are just so beautiful that you end up noting down in your diary. The descriptions are fantastic and they just make you more glued to the book. Novoneel has a unique style of writing as he ends up playing with the minds of the readers through his play of words. Once can picturise the whole book while reading it and its an easy read.

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About the Author



Novoneel Chakraborty is an Indian author of fiction. His specialty lies in romantic thrillers that he writes along with philosophy mixed with it. His first book “A Thing beyond forever” released in 2008 and won the national bestseller tag in just a few months of its release.

He followed it up with “That kiss in the rain” and then wrote the book that won him the biggest applause, “How about a sin tonight?” He went on to write commercial bestsellers like “Ex” and then “The Stranger Trilogy”. The first two books of the trilogy- “Marry Me, Stranger” and “All Yours, Stranger” have won many hearts. His recent release is “Forget Me Not, Stranger”, the final installment of the trilogy. His next book,“Black Suits You,” a psycho-sexual thriller is scheduled to release on 15th November, 2016. Apart from writing books, he is a scriptwriter for television.

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A story with Novoneel Chakraborty

We all know that Novoneel Chakraborty’s upcoming novel ‘Black Suits You’ is soon going to hit the markets. And before that, his Stranger Series took away the hearts of the readers especially that Stranger. I took this interview much before when the new book was under editing stage.The interview tookplace over telephone and I must say he conversation skills are amazing. I would like to thank my dear friend, Manvi Singh who always convert the audios into written format. She is a soul sister and I can rely on her.Lets start the interview then :

1. When did you realise that okay, this is it, this is what I’ll do, like, writing is you and those words give in relief?

The thing is, I was always a reader and not even in my distant world did I think that I’d write a book one day, since being an author was never my aim, but that curious element in me made me really upbeat about what I’d do after my college ends, though I was pretty sure that a nine to five job was certainly not my thing, and as I was pondering about my future, a character in my head started knocking, like it did not let me concentrate on anything else around me so I decided to pen it down in order to get it out of my head so I may focus on my studies but the moment I jotted my first short story, another set of characters kicked in and I wrote down a complete set of 25 stories only for myself and that’s when I realised okay, that’s my real calling.

2. What is the genre of novels you usually feel comfortable to write?
Okay, I never really sit down with a pre planned planner that this is how the story will be since even I never know how will I lead the story I am writing, but as I wrote down my first novel, A Thing Beyond Forever I realised that I’m not someone who could write a story without any twists and turns that’s how in my second novel I realised that I’m pretty good at writing romantic thrillers, like that’s something which comes naturally to me.

3. How would you define yourself as a writer, introvert or extrovert?
As a person I’m pretty introvert but probably as a writer I am an extrovert since my characters are usually bold and that’s maybe because of how I am, so I make a way to discover and explore through them. So, I too intend to live the extrovert side of me since in real life I do not do so.

4. Are you a believer of destiny? Have you ever mentioned this concept in any of your books so far?
I am a strong believer of destiny but so far I don’t think that I have actually taken it as a theme in any of my stories though it has been a part of many of them since my own beliefs do reflect back in my story and obviously, when we strongly believe in something, that belief surely comes down as an expression, consciously or unconsciously.

5. What was the thought process behind your first book, A Thing Beyond Forever?
Since that book is all about reincarnation, what excited me was the fact that what if I come back one day after I’ve died and that too into a completely different, fun version of myself. Past life and after life, all these concepts actually excite me and that’s why I feel that there can be a possibility of them.

6. So, what triggered the idea behind the famous Stranger Series?
Okay, so I did have this title with me since a long time, Marry Me, Stranger and it was an apt title for a book but I had no idea of what should be the book all about, but then there is this friend of mine who usually calls up to confide though I don’t know her personally but she kept me wondering as to why would someone confide into a stranger, someone he/she do not know personally.

7. Are any of your books reflect in your personal life?
As creative people, we all tend to observe our surroundings and the people we have all around us, be it friends, family or ourselves for that matter and basically that’s where we get a gist of what it will be all about but basically, I just use a part of it and then give a fictional dab to it so on an average I won’t say that any of the books are based on my life.

8. What was the experience while bagging your first publisher? What all difficulties did you face?
Basically, when it all started, I was kind of ignorant and when you’re ignorant you turn confident too, because you don’t know what will be served to you at that point of time. Since I was young back then, so one tends to be a bit bull headed that whatever comes my way, I’ll surely live upto it.

9. Is there a genre you haven’t written but wish to write?
It’s the Children’s books because the amount of imagination which one needs to put in and the kind of interest one has to develop in a child for that matter is kind of challenging.

10. Is there a particular pattern you use in order to publish your books, like the time gap between two books?
It actually depends on the story since there have been books I’ve written in a year or a book I’ve written in one and a half years so it completely depends on the story as in how much time it demands out of me. But being professional, I guess, six to seven months is what my publishers demand from me.

11. Do you face writer’s block?
Not really, I usually prefer cooking up everything in my head first and then get down to write usually. Like, I jot down points in my diary as and when required and then get down to frame it well, but even when there is a time when you cannot really think of a lead in particular, one should take a break and observe and introspect about things.

12. Have you ever climbed out of your comfort zone in order to write a book?
Umm, yes I have, specially my third book, How About A Sin Tonight did bring me out of my comfort zone since building up on five distinctive characters in the same book is really a tough job but in the end that book actually helped me evolve as a writer.

13. A message for the budding writers and of course, readers.
To the readers, I’d say that it’s better to read things which interests you, and not certainly the ones which are hyped because I’ve encountered a large section of readers who read things just because they are hyped.
To the budding writers, you definitely need to read a lot, because it’s only then that they’ll be able to play with the narratives and build up a character well and the other piece of advice would be, always question your experiences. Whatever you, or anyone around you may experience, one should always question it, because that gives you a chance to build in new characters.

About the Author


Novoneel Chakraborty is an Indian author of fiction. His specialty lies in romantic thrillers that he writes along with philosophy mixed with it. His first book “A Thing beyond forever” released in 2008 and won the national bestseller tag in just a few months of its release.

He followed it up with “That kiss in the rain” and then wrote the book that won him the biggest applause, “How about a sin tonight?” He went on to write commercial bestsellers like “Ex” and then “The Stranger Trilogy”. The first two books of the trilogy- “Marry Me, Stranger” and “All Yours, Stranger” have won many hearts. His recent release is “Forget Me Not, Stranger”, the final installment of the trilogy. His next book, “Black Suits You,” a psycho-sexual thriller is scheduled to release on 15th November, 2016. Apart from writing books, he is a scriptwriter for television.


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ItsAllinThePlanets- A fantastic Novel

Its All in the Planets by Preeti Shenoy is most trending novel these days. This novel showcase the life of three individuals whose life gets connected because of its there in their planets. It is A well researched book that can challenge the real world. This is the first time that I had pre-ordered this book and I got a signed copy. Furthermore, I had won the Super Fan Contest which had video comversation with Preeti Shenoy and also, I got the journal ‘An Excuse to Life’ which is a handmade journal by Preeti Shenoy.


The cover and title of the book is fascinating. The cover takes you to a trance and a feeling of positivity engulfs us. The title gives us an insight that it has something to do with astrology that focusses on Planets. The Planets decide the destiny of our characters and this title is simply awesome.

The plot is well knit and the way Preeti maam has constructed it,is beyond appreciation. The protagonist’s life takes a turn when Nidhi meets Aniket. They both complement each other and the way they handle their relationships is impressive. Both are opposite to each other but they say, opposites attract but here planets played the role play.

The themes in this novel were unique and stole my heart. I really loved the concept of marriage. The way Nidhi admires his step mother and vice versa touched me. We all know that a step mother can never love her other children but this notion is clearly proved wrong by the author. Infact, Nidhi’s mother is her friend and confidante. The way Nidhi respects her and her father’s love is the highlight of the story. A new definaton of love could be seen through this segment. There are various concepts of love. In this, the author highlights the spiritual as well as materialisitic love. Aniket and Trisha comes under materialistic love where Trisha wants to change every bit in her boyfriend. Same is the case with Nidhi and her beau. But when Nidhi and Aniket are away from them, they look so perfect and complete. They are spiritually connected to each other and are just made for each other.

Further, we come across a beautiful bond of friendship between Aniket and Subbu. They both are techies and the way Subbu always cheer him up when he goes through tough times due to Trisha. They used to term it as a bad technical error.He does all the things to make his friend feel better. Their bond is so special.

Astrology is the main theme in this novel and the way it is highlighted is appreciable. The zodiac sign related information is thoroughly researched and the way the astrologer give her predictions is just so realistic.

The characterisation is the integral part of the novel and Preeti maam surpasses all the techniques. Her characters are her mouthpieces and the way she mananges to create constrast between the characters is impeccable. I felt Nidhi is somewhat like Preeti maam. Her qualities can be seen in Nidhi. Especially, blogging, art and craft, above all, staying positive no matter what happens in your life. The way Nidhi accepts her parents is mind blowing. You suddenly start respecting Nidhi and the author. Aniket, Trisha and Subbu’s character portrayal is different.

The author’s style of writing is simple,lucid and clear. It has brevity in it and loads of artistic skills. The way she pens down her thoughts, it looks like she is painting a masterpiece. The wide range of sentences, those blog updates add freshness to the novel.

Small Twitter interview with Preeti Maam

I asked her some small questions and here is her reply:

SKype Conversation With Preeti Maam

FullSizeRender (1).jpg


I never felt so special like I felt talking to Preeti Maam. I still remember as I gave my exam in full speed just to talk to her. The conversation went well and the way she talked to us was simply wow. She is a gem. We discussed about her books and she asked us to read and write if we wish to become a good writer. That conversation was the best part of my life. I might forget about books but this book would always be special for me.

SMall Review of her Handmade Journal

The handmade journal is her best art work I have seen. I really loved those quotes as they talked about life and how one should handle oneself under certain circumstances. It is really inspiring and is worth reading. I am glad that I won that journal.

Where you can buy her book?

All Preeti SHenoy’s books are available on

and link to Its All in The Planets is –

About the Author 


Preeti Shenoy is one of the best-selling authors of India, who is fully fledged with different talents. like “Best-selling Author, Artist specialising in pencil portraits, Poet, Yoga-Buff, Ex-basketball player, Blogger, Dobe-owner, Nature lover, Ted X speaker and a Mother.

She becomes bestseller author from her first book named “34 Bubblegums and Candies”. She also writes a column called “Sex and the City” for the financial chronicle.




Book Review of With You I Dance

With You I Dance by Aarti V Raman is a unique novel that has everything special in it be it the characters or the plot. I got this book from The Book Club in return of an honest review. Lets get into the details:


Cover- THe cover is colourful and has an image of a guy and the girl standing closely to each other. The visual please our eyes and we want to know more about it. The colourful cover add positive vibes in our moods and we can start it on a happy note.

Title- With You I Dance is an intriguing title that gives us a vague picture that it has something to do with a dance, maybe a story related to a dance competition. But when we open the book and turn the pages our image gets clearer.

Blurb- Once upon a time Meera Sagar had everything-the perfect job as a principal ballerina and a man who loved her as much as she loved him. But tragedy struck on the night before her biggest performance, forcing her to do the one thing she never wanted to do-come back home. To Mumbai. Now, a year later, Meera is still trying to pick up the pieces, while fending off marriage proposals from her well-meaning but traditional Gujarati family, and figure life out all over again. By starting a ballet school in Mumbai. But she has two problems. One, she doesn’t know anything about running a business. And two, she can’t dance. Not anymore. Enter Abeer Goswami. Hotshot junior partner at a South Bombay law firm and a man nursing a broken heart. When he meets Meera again, the woman who left him, he tries his hardest to be her friend, to help her and not let the past get in the way. And then There is the sexy Zoya Sehgal. Meera’s only friend in the city and the woman Abeer is currently seeing. They say triangles have pointy edges, for a reason. Will Meera find a new dream in her ballet school? Can Abeer and Meera find their way back to each other again? With you I dance is a warm, funny, at times heart-rending, love story of second chances, when your dearest dream has vanished”.

Plot- The plot is beautifully woven and revolves around Meera Sagar, who loses everything from her job to relationship on a tragic day. This incident just breaks her somewhere and she tries to set the broken pieces of life where she comes across her old friend, Zoya Sehgal and her old beau, Abeer Goswami who help her find herself.

Themes- The prominent theme is of dance. Meera Sagar is a fantastic dancer or say a professional Ballarina from New York. Life takes a turn when she has to leave her dance and she develops a phobia that she can’t dance but slowly she realises that dance is the only thing she knows and is capable of doing. The story starts with a dance and ends with a dance.

The other theme is of love. Meera and Abeer are true lovers. When Abeer propose Meera she leaves him. Feelings of guilt overpower Meera whereas feelings of animosity and hatred are developed in Abeer’s mind. When they meet each other, things take a halt. Meera has to answer all the questions of Abeer and when the truth is uncovered both come close to another only to be separated by their egoes. Thus their relationship seems love- hate relationship which keeps on changing everytime but their love never changes.

Friendship plays a significant role in this novel. Meera Sagar and Zoya Sehgal are school friends and then destiny brought them together when Meera was planning to open a dance school. Inspite of so much of gap, they shared the same close bonding. Meera could confide in her. We saw all the colours in their friendship be it fight, be it teasing or be it helping each other through thick n thin.

The next theme is of family and relationships. Meera belonged to a GUjarati family and they were pretty traditional. When their daughter comes home from New York, completely broken and shattered, the family thinks that she is good for nothing and they decide to marry her. They think they have done their part by sending her to New York to pursue her dreams, but she failed so she needs to accept her failure and move forward and marry a nice earning guy. But her brother, who is naughty and fun loving tries his best to save his sister from this. He tries to figure out the reason behind her sadness and does all those things which can make his sister happy and smile. He even succeeds in it towards the end.

Characterisation- The author has mastered the art of characterisation. She has portrayed three main characters who are entirely opposite to each other and complement each other very well. I feel the delineation of Meera Sagar could have been tough because she is a complex character and difficult to understand. She keeps a lot of secrets. Her life takes a huge turn when one sudden day she loses her job and nobody trues to figure out the reason behind it. She leaves the country quitely without meeting her beau, Abeer who loves her like anything. After an year, when life plans to brong back the broken pieces she is unabale to face anything. It is hard for her to accept the things be it her lost job or be it her broken relationship. She lives a life of a coward and when Abeer comes back to the picture, then only she realises how much she loves him. Her confidence comes back slowly and Zoya and Abeer only help her in coming out of a huge mess which she has created.

Zoya Sehgal is a sexy model and a pragmatic lady who happens to be Meera’s school friend. She is happy to meet her friend and when they catch up, they don’t feel that they are meeting after a long time. Soon, Zoya becomes Meera’s confidante and helps her in coming out of her depression and stress. She even helps her in setting up a dance school. She uses her contacts and make her come out of her messed up life.

Abeer Goswami is a lawyer by profession who happens to be in love with Meera Sagar. Their love story takes a drastic turn when Meera disappears suddenly from his life. When he sees her again after an year, all his pain, anger and hatred comes out. He tries to be mean to her but when he comes to know about her bad times, his hatred transforms into love again. He tries his best to make her come back to her normal life. He makes her laugh again and does all the things to bring back her confidence. But at times it is difficult for us to understand her mind.

Style- The author has amazingly used the words to match up with this novel. She has used simple and lucid language that keeps the text original. The use of sentences from simple to complex to compund is impeccable. The use of ballarina concept is unique. It discard all the idealistic conventions of a typical love story. Some lines touch your heart. The texture and printing of the book is an icing on the cake. Overall, it is a treat to one’s eyes.


About the Author


Aarti always wanted to be either a lawyer. Or a writer. So she tossed a coin and picked writer. Or rather, it picked her. Since then, she has valiantly struggled to put words to paper and bring characters and stories alive that make people sigh and laugh and enjoy every moment of. She has studied Journalism from Mumbai University, Creative Writing at Deakin, and considers herself a student of life. Her three favorite words are, Happy-Ever-After. She has written one romantic thriller already “White Knight” under Aarti V and has a historical series “The Lords of Devil Manor” debuting in June 2014.

You can reach her via Facebook or Email .

Candid Session with Aparna Sinha

Hello lovelies,

Today I would introduce you guys with the author of Ashvamedha, Aparna Sinha. I have updated the review of this novel and trust me guys, this book deserves a recognition in film industry as this would create a hype there.

Lets start the session:


  1. What was the idea behind writing this novel ‘Ashvamedha’?

Ans: The misuse of power and innate virtue of human being to control, cannot be overlooked; often my husband and I would discuss on theme of power and how every man is manipulated by someone more powerful; how things are twisted in the name of politics and how much it affects the people, at large. On one such discussion, my husband came with the idea which clicked. The idea remained latent for two years, and then I wrote a story around it

  1. Why you chose the title ‘Ashvamedha’ for this novel?

Ans: Ashvamedha or Ashvamedha Yagna (horse sacrifice) was an ancient vedic ritual, performed by a king for the general prosperity of the kingdom and to establish sovereignty over neighboring provinces. In the ritual the king’s horse, along with his army, was made to wander in neighboring kingdoms, for one year. If the horse returns back after one year without being captured or killed by enemy kingdom, it  would be sacrificed and the king will be named undisputed ruler (The yagna in detail is mentioned in yajur veda)

In this novel, Ashwin Jamwal was made a powerful man only so he can be sacrificed in the end and Hades, the master manipulator, will claim the ultimate authority, hence the title

3.What all research you did in your novel?

Ans: Lot of research and validation was required, since the story is spread in 25 years.

I had to validate political scene dating back to mid nineties (when student political parties were burgeoning and movements were catching up)

Research on Bio weapons- expert advice by Dr. Sashwat Srivastava ; on future economies of the world; India’s geopolitical position (current and future predictions); Energy reserve and crisis; India from bridging nation to super power. Technology advancement and its growth; global secret agencies and operations (previous and current) etc are the topics I researched – by reading numerous international papers and journals

  1. How important this novel for you?

Ans:. I have put my heart and soul in the novel, which I wrote when I was in lot of pain, physically and emotionally- this book not only helped me recuperate fast; it made me a stronger person, it gave me a new identity.  It is very important to me.

  1. how close are you to your characters and who is favourite character?

Ans: I have practically lived each character before putting it down on paper. I also hyperventilated with Hades, in real life. To say one character is my favorite is unfair- Each character is my favorite. Even the ones like ‘AK Nandi’

  1. Who is inspiration behind writing Ashvamedha?

Ans: As I mentioned the idea was there but I never had time to weave a story around it; so you can say my husband was the inspiration- my friend Raghav pushed me to write a book when I left the job; my mother always inspired me to write something (in every call she will ask- did you write anything new?)

  1. Mostly people avoid writing about politics, so how come you took up this daring step?

Ans: Politics is ubiquitous. You cannot ignore the struggle for power and manipulations even at smaller level, as small as maids in the house or among relatives; the need to control is ingrained.  Politics at country level (or global politics) generated interests among young population after advancement of technology and spread of social media. Young people are now aware of political arena across globe and are actively voicing their opinions.

Politics is now becoming interesting to younger generation, now they can relate to political fiction, hence the book.

       8.Do you want to try any other genre, what that would be?

Ans: I think I will stick to Crime and thriller genre, but may be one day I will write a witty memoir on female independent thinker

9.Is any part of the novel related to you?

Ans: Some character struggle with self; some quirks are related, but not the part. I have used the locations I have travelled so I can present it better

10.When can we expect your other novel?

Ans: Cannot give you the date, but I hope soon 🙂

About Author

Aparna Sinha_img.jpg

Aparna Sinha wrote her first poem when she was seven, which she recited on All India Radio.  Since then, her literary work and industry specific articles have been published in various mediums, including reputed business magazines across Asia.

Equipped with a Master’s in management, when she was forced to quit her lucrative job because of a chronic disease, she focused on her sole passion – writing

Facebook page:

Twitter handle: aparna326

About Publisher:

Srishti Publishers & Distributors: With more than three hundred and fifty titles to boast of, Srishti Publishers was set up with the objective of creating a unique set of books that provide unmatched reading pleasure to people across the country. The core objective of our company is to provide a platform to first-time writers. Some of the current crop of bestselling authors like Preeti Shenoy, Durjoy Dutta, Ravinder Singh, Sudeep Nagarkar, etc., published their first work of fiction with Srishti

About Book

Ashvamedha: The Game of Power

“You have to dethrone a powerful man to become the most powerful. I was itching to defeat the single most powerful person, but there wasn’t any. I was left with only one choice — to create one.”

Little does Ashwin Jamwal know that the last twenty-five years of his life have been controlled by a master manipulator, who wanted to make him the most powerful man on earth, though for a reason! Ashwin steps up to take oath as the youngest Prime Minister of India and is unknowingly thrown into a vortex of power and authority as the entire world is threatened by a faceless enemy — Hades.

The world starts to look up to Ashwin as the savior, but he was just a pawn, reared only to be sacrificed in the end.

A story of greed, lies, deceptions, manipulations and corruption, Ashvamedha is a thriller revolving around the infamous game of power in a maddening bid to seek absolute control.

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Book Review of Curtain Call

Curtain Call is an anthology of short stories which is compiled and edited by Rafaa Dalvi and published Half Baked Beans. This book , as the title suggest is far different from our imaginations. The writers have poured their souls in the stories and have come out beautifully.


The cover of the book is fantastic and the title is antipole to the type of stories which are woven, but in a literal way the writers show their best role in form of stories which might justify the title.

This book can make you smile, laugh, cry, inspire and make you fight with your inner self. The authors have added their soulin it. Some of them came out to be marvalleous and flawless which left me spellbound.

Crimson Affair takes you back to those Akbar Birbal times whose tales were the part of our growth. This story highlights the intellectual and sharp mind of Birbal who unfolds a murder mystery in an artistic way.

His Leela elucidates the saga of a frustrated man who finds a true confidante in a bitch named Leela. The story is written in two narratives and one of it is a monologue.

Office Visit is a horror fiction where a girl is not the one whom she claims to be. The whole story is followed by series of events that includes suspense and mystery.

My Fair Husband is a romcom and a unique story where we find a strong connection between the couple even after the husband dies. The idea of the author is to show death in a lighter way.

Mahua is an erotic tale with suspense and horror as its prime features. It gives us chills through our spines and at the same time makes us laugh.

Reminiscence is an inspiring story that gives you the true meaning of life and lifts your mood up.

The Sitarist of Palem is a horror story that has elements of suspense, mystery and has all the features of a Gothic Fiction.

F.L.A.M.E.S is a teen fiction where we find lovers and has elements of romance and comedy in it. This story highlights the innocence of love with a blend of complexity.

There are 20 stories in total but these are my personal favourites. There are certain typos and I feel these can be easily avoided.

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