Book Review of The Way She Loved

The Way She Loved is a typical love saga penned by Nitin Kumar. This book has an extraordinary way of showing love. It is believed that some show love on face while some love but others never come to know about their love. This story celebrates love in the most unique way.


Cover- The cover of the book has amazing colours which reminds us of the setting sun. This colour scheme gives us a gesture that every setting sun has a rising morning. Hence, the cover surely takes away the hearts of the readers.

Title- The title mesmerises the readers and this gives us a glimpse about the main focus of the story i.e Love at its best.

Blurb- Every relationship has ups and downs. But, only those relationships that sustain separation and pain will stand the test of time.

Ayush, a small town boy, falls in love with Arpita who is older than him and already has a boyfriend. After much struggle, he succeeds in getting into a relationship with her. They fall in love but end up going their separate ways.

Ayush is deeply affected by the breakup and is plagued by unanswered questions.

What were the reasons behind Arpita’s change in behavior? Did she really love him? Would he learn to live with the pain?

Does Ayush come to understand The Way She Loved?

Plot- The plot is simple, common and still binds the attention of the readers. The story progresses in a steady way. The story revolves around Ayush, who happens to be a small boy and falls madly in love with Arpita, a girl older than him. The way their relationship meets its destination is the rest of the story.

Theme- The main theme to focus on is love and only love. But it has many perspectives of love. It surely gives us an idea about love, sacrifice.

Characterisation- The author has beautifully delineated his characters. Ayush is an interestung character who loves Arpita from the core of his heart and does every possible thing to be with her. On the other hand, Arpita is a complex character who is difficult to understand but the end part surely makes us fall for her.

Style- The style of writing is simple, lucid and condensed. The way the author has used the technique of omniscient narrative is mindblowing. Some of the sentences are much appreciated like :

“Everything happens for a reason but you need to is convert it into a good one.”

Last but not the least, the editing could have been better. But as a first time writer, it is a wonderful job.



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